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The potential of Jatropha oil as a diesel substitute has already been recognized by Indian scientists, and several landowners in India have even started plantations of this tree. It is however still a very low yielding wild plant, yielding on an average about 200 to 500 kg seed per acre. In fact, this is true of most of the oil-bearing tree species in India. Most of them do not yield more than about 100 to 250 kg of oil per acre. The species of oil-bearing plants that are raised as field crops have been subjected to intense plant breeding input, and therefore yield at least four times as much oil.  I agree that Jatropha is a plant that can survive under adverse conditions, but under poor agronomic conditions,
 the yield would be even lower. And there are many other species, that would give more money per unit area than
Jatropha, even on waste land.

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